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The term “trade lines” is a technical one that finance professionals use. Trade lines are nothing but accounts which are open in someone’s financial report and also appear in their credit report.

Authorized user trade lines refer to the card account where you are added as the authorized user. An “authorized user”, on the other hand, is the person who has been given access to an account as a user. This person acting as a user, however, is not necessarily accountable for the balances in the said account.

We offer Authorized User Tradelines only.

While there is no specific minimum number of tradeline you can purchase, the safest would be three at most.

In general, a tradeline reports within 4-10 business days. The reporting depends on the bank that handles the account on the back end. It reflects as soon as the first among reporting cycles.

 3-4 days before the "post Date" of the selected credit card to ensure prompt reporting.

All of our tradelines will remain on your report for 60 days from the selected cards "Post Date".
This depends on what you do while the tradelines are there. Your score may drop, as the data being reported will no longer provide the boost.

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