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We have a solution for just about any type of borrower. 

We provide multiple major cards to choose from that you can sort by credit limit or date opened. Find one that is just right for your needs!

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Credit Boosting

Boosting an individual’s credit score can be achieved by adding them as a authorized user on a credit card account (tradeline) with a perfect payment history, and low utilization. When the credit card reports to the credit bureaus each month, the positive credit history is copied to the authorized user’s credit report and the result is an increase in credit score.

This practice is sometimes called credit piggybacking and it’s 100% legal, protected by the Equal Credit Opportunity Act. Since the early 90s, millions of Americans have used credit piggybacking to obtain competitive financing for things we all need, like mortgages, car loans and education loans.

Why Choose Us ?

Prolific Tradelines LLC offers unmatched and affordable seasoned tradelines for those in need of a little boost with their credit score. We are meticulous in our work to ensure you have the best experience and receive results sooner rather than later.

Committed to helping you excel

Over 5 years of experience

Safe and secure payments

Knowledgeable staff


$ 500
  • 1 Tradeline


$ 950
  • 2 Tradelines


$ 1400
  • 3 Tradelines

Bank Logo Bank Name Credit Limit Date Opened Post Date Price Add Tradeline to Cart
November 7, 2016
March 20, 2021
December 7, 2017
October 7, 2016
December 20, 2021
December 20, 2019

Higher Scores

Our cards aim to help boost scores

Major Cards

Benefits include higher credit limits

Auto Financing

Lower your APR

Home Ownership

Qualify for the home of your dreams

No Matter Your Situation, We Have A Tradeline For YOU!

We work with individuals with diverse backgrounds who need help improving their finances in specific areas.  We strive to help individuals, families and business owners.

What They Say
About Our Tradelines?

Prolific Tradelines has the most reasonable prices and fast-posting tradelines in the industry! Very professional customer service as well.

Dylan Auto Loan

I had a couple questions starting out about tradelines and received a quick response. I've been using Prolific Tradelines for years now and they have my highest recommendation for AUs.

Elsa Higher Credit Limit

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